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What's WatchIP ?
You want to access your computer through internet or your friends' computers, but your IP or your friends' IP changes from time to time or everytime you connect to the internet ?
Then WathIP is the best solution. All you have to do is to install this program on your computer.
It will allow you know what is your IP or the IPs of your friends' computers at any time.
How does it work ?
This is how the program functions: the program runs on the computer you want to log on to, this will send any change of IP to the server and you can find out the IP you are interested in on this website or by using the application directly.
What you have to do ?
You can open an account here very easily and download the program on this website, enter your ID and password in the program and let it run on the computer you what to know the IP.
You can see the IP you are interested in wherever you are, as long as you use the account and password on the site.
License of software
This edition of software is a FREEWARE and may be used by the user for any legal purposes for an unlimited period on unlimited number of computers without any restrictions.
This edition of software is fully functional and does not contain any adware or spyware.
Under Construction
Last update on June 23, 2007
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